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Bringing Up Better Buddhist Babies

Nothing like the Dharma to offer us some guidance on some of life's most interesting journey's. For my money, I've found few experiences as rewarding and as challenging as being a parent. But as my wife so often reminds me, it's always good for practice. With this in...

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Best Buddhist Books for Parenting

Prerna Malik offers up some nice choices for those of us interested in integrating Buddhism with parenting. Whether one practices Buddhism or not, parenting books that use Buddhist teachings and philosophy as their foundation offer plenty of support and help without...

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The Science of Gratitude

I've always felt like the scientific community was a little late on this one: Gratitude. Changes. Lives. looks at Dr. Robert Emmons' work on the subject. “Gratitude is literally one of the few things that can measurably change people’s lives,” Robert...

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The Recipe for Enlightenment

One of my more senior students recently commented, “You pretty much just point out the shortcuts on the path, don’t you.” On my best days, yes. It’s what we teachers do. We try to point students in the right direction; one that will help them let go of even more. At...

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