ISmile364 – Getting There From Here

Michael discusses how it is that we can carry a practice that allows for us to "get there" in terms of waking up. Among the most necessary approaches to this process is to deconstruct the reality we live in from a personal perspective, at least. This is most easily...

ISmile363 – Thanksgiving, Giving Thanks & Suffering Lite

This evening's talk spans poetry, rock 'n roll, awareness, friendship, and how we can meet our experiences during the Holiday season with care and purpose. In fact, Michael argues, "awareness itself, is gratitude."

ISmile362 – Friendship, Fearlessness, and Focus

Among the most important aspects of spiritual work is our sense of community. It can inspire us and keep us focused on the needs of the moment. It can also remind us of how necessary it is to make friends with our fear, thus allowing for our actions to be sourced from...

ISmile361 – It’s About Recognition Not Creation

So often we find ourselves working to build things that we see as beneficial: a life, a relationship, a home, or even a philosophy that might work to offer us shelter from the chaos of contemporary living. In this talk, Michael offers us a chance to examine this...

ISmile360 – Tangled Silk

As the poet, Atticus points out, we are often very complicated beings. This shows up especially in relationships. While any relationship can be a challenge, our intimate relationships are especially good at helping us uncover our attachments. This is at once a...

ISmile359 – Loss

What is loss and where does the fear associated with it come from? What about anger? What is grief? How do we best cope with these general attributes of loss and the negativity that it inspires? This evening's podcast goes to the heart of this very human experience.

ISmile358 – Body As Vehicle

It all happens here, in this very body. While it's critical we not get lost in its desires, enlightenment doesn't happen in any other place.

ISmile357 – Opened By Life

So often we can feel closed off from ourselves, the world, and those around us. In this talk, Michael discusses another option that leads us on a decidedly different spiritual and psychological trajectory, even when situations are difficult.    

ISmile356 – Love And Big Love

It's all about relationships. Seriously. Everything is related, interdependently, to everything else. Enjoy the podcast of this talk.

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