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We’re Streaming This Weekend’s Retreat… Care To Watch?

Even if you can't join us in person, we'd love to include you. You can watch here on this blog, or you can also view the talks as well as the Q & A sessions by clicking here. Talk Schedule: Friday - 7:30pm PST Saturday - 11:25am PST Saturday - 3:30pm PST Sunday -...

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Start By Sitting

Ben Riggs, over at the elephant journal, offers up a nice piece on the basics of practice. In meditation practice, we are not looking for anything. We are simply looking. Buddhism nor meditation make us better people. It is not self-help; rather, it is a process of...

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Care for Some Peace & Quiet?

Spring 2011 Weekend Retreat Living from Abundance Friday, March 18 - Sunday, March 20 MOUNT MADONNA CENTER Despite the fact that many of us are feeling depleted or lacking in some way, there is a timeless teaching that can potentially shift our perspective.  Imagine...

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The Partiality of a Global Digital Mind

I had a conversation recently about technology and its ability to effectively disseminate spirituality. On the one hand, there has never been a moment in human history where more information about more wisdom has been more accessible. People who otherwise might have...

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Quote of the Day

For all beneficent karma, ever manifested through me, I am grateful. May this gratitude be expressed through my body, speech, and mind. With infinite kindness to the past, Infinite service to the present, Infinite responsibility to the future. ~ Susan Postal's Verse...

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