In today’s MormonTimes, we learn of two BYU students who consider themselves Zen Mormons.

“They have things to teach us,” [Zach] Elison said. “Everything I love about Buddhism I find in my own religion, they just emphasize it differently.”

[Brandon] Habermeyer and Elison, both philosophy majors studying at Brigham Young University, got a tip from a world-religions professor at school about the retreat.

They spent two weeks in July under the towering Redwoods of Santa Cruz, Calif., learning and practicing some of the teachings of Buddhism.

Clearly the picture from the retreat suggests that this wasn’t from the Zen tradition, but this is an encouraging sign of integral thinking, especially as it relates to spirituality. Go Millenials!

(Bows to Barbara O’Brien for the heads up on this one)

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