Tricycle’s Philip Ryan takes me on in relation to one of my previous posts about the Dalai Lama’s comments concerning the global economic meltdown:

… the Dalai Lama’s statement is absolutely right. What caused the bubble and all the imaginary money was indeed greed and materialism, and if there was ever a time to look materialism and consumerism in their ugly faces, it’s right now. The ones who will suffer, as always, are the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Instead of thinking of Wall Street and worrying how the banks will survive, let’s think of those who have no extra resources even in the best of times — how will they make it through today, and the next day, and the one after that?

I then offered the comment:

…I don’t think HH is wrong. I would submit, however, that there’s more to the story than was offered.

A “lack of spirituality and culture” isn’t the problem. There’s plenty of spirituality and plenty of culture to go around even if it strikes you, and many of us, as ugly. The more inclusive truth is that we cling to our own versions of what should be. These attachments to our certitudes are what lead to ever-deepening levels of selfishness and division. War is born in this space and takes on many forms including “rampant corruption” within ourselves as well as within those whose practices we resist.

What do you think?

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