This triple amputee is an inspiring bodhisattva at the Zen Hospice Project:

Bruce Miller Jr., who goes simply by BJ without punctuation, was born in Chicago and grew up mostly in its suburbs. He described himself as a melancholy and overly sensitive “mamas boy,” who was insecure but made friends quickly. His father was a successful businessman, the family was affluent, and Miller was handsome, even working as a model for a while. But he said he felt like a misfit.

“Now Im grateful for being a little bit of an outsider,” he said. “It made me question the reality I was living in. Life was just a little too easy. I could feel myself devolving before Id even evolved, so I elected to go away to boarding school and become more independent.”

via BJ Miller, pain doctor at the Zen Hospice Project | Page 2 of 3.

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