The WaPo has an interesting article about religiosity and the game:

…the depth of convictions from evangelical Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner to the Steelers who will do their best to plant him face-first into the ground on Sunday has put religion squarely in play this week.

And we’ll hope that we can take Roderick Hood at his word when he says:

… he prays before every game, after every game and during the game itself. Lest Pittsburgh fans get the wrong idea, though, he says he prays for everyone to be safe and not for any particular team to win.

I’m no expert, but doesn’t God have more pressing matters on his plate? Don’t get me wrong, I love competitive sports; not only as a participant but also as a spectator. It’s just that seeing acknowledging fingers pointing to the sky after great plays, prayer circles before and after games, and kneelings after scores always makes me smile. It’s as if there is some negotiation between player(s) and God from an inherent separation.

I’m waiting to see a Buddhist player suddenly wrap himself into full-lotus after blasting through the defense into the endzone, watching his breath, wishing happiness upon all beings.

via Faith mixes with football for the big game –

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