Kristin Luce offers up a great piece on one of life’s universal miseries…

So here’s the humiliating truth: I was just dumped.

I can’t even hate him because he did it so kindly and with such matu
Take my advice: Don’t ever get into a relationship with a mature man. Seriously. It will strip you of every pettiness, take away every excuse to vent your feelings, rob you of that fleeting thrill of being right and snuff out the glow of getting to be ever-so-slightly superior.rity—which is the reason, of course, why our parting is not mutual. I still love the dude.

Loving a mature man forces you to become mature as well, if only because the alternative is to be exposed as a total ass.

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via The Dignity of Being Dumped. ~ Kristen Luce | elephant journal.

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