Today, Andrew Cohen offers up an interesting piece in which he rather adamantly asserts that:

… Spirit is definitely Higher.

Definitely? Are you absolutely sure? Because conviction begets egoic resistance. I’m just saying we should be careful here.

On the level of mind, sure. No problem. Spirit is “higher.” But then again, it’s also “deeper” than anything. Of course, he alludes to this in his post in which he goes on to share:

… the contours of that which is only One, as it becomes manifest, contain countless dimensions and levels that are not all the same. This is very important to understand. Why? Because our capacity to manifest that which is highest here on Earth—wisdom, insight, evolutionarily enlightened awareness, and deep, impersonal, spiritual love—is entirely dependent upon our being able to discern what can at times be subtle differences. Our own evolution at the deepest level of our being depends upon our willingness to strive consistently to make philosophically and morally challenging distinctions. Spirit is One. But the nature of Spirit as it becomes manifest is the Many.

And again, I agree, as long as we notice that this realization gets defiled the moment we attach to any of it. The moment this, or any articulation, becomes something we view as indisputably true is the moment it becomes personal; the moment it becomes contained; the moment it becomes a mind-object to which we identify. Once this happens any authentic awakening we might hope to let through us gets blocked.

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