I wrote about this in Chapter 4 of AiTL. Here’s another look.

Past and future veil God from our sight.
Burn both of them with fire.
What is troubling us is the tendency to believe that the mind is like a little man within.
—Ludwig Von Wittgenstein

The only version of time that is infused with Awareness is this very moment. The present moment, or the Now, is always here. Always. It is never absent. In fact, there has never been any time other than Now. Something in the past may arise in our minds as a memory, but it still arises in the Now. Something in the future may arise in our minds as anticipation, but even this only ever shows up in the Now. From this moment, the past extends infinitely. From this moment, the future also extends infinitely. Therefore, the present moment is forever at the center of all existence. Just like Awareness, the Now never moves. The causes and conditions that arise in the Now might change, but the Now itself is always simply right here. The present moment itself is simply always, already, forever outside the boundary of past and future, never falling behind or moving ahead. It is in all ways just this. When we connect with this present moment with our full attention, we can actually experience what the Zen tradition calls “No Mind.” No Mind shows itself when the mind lets go of itself and connects spontaneously to the impersonal experience of the Awareness that exists between each and every thought that we might have. In this spaciousness offered by the present moment, we are totally alert yet unfettered by anything personal.

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