ISmile188 – Recognizing the One in the Many

In tonight's talk, Michael discusses what he calls the "Four A's" of awareness, acceptance, availability, and authenticity. Living from the Four A's we free ourselves from the contracted activity and limited thinking of the small self.

ISmile187 – Uncovering True Beauty in the Middle of Hell

In tonight's talk, Michael discusses the ways in which we are blind to what is truly beautiful in ourselves, others, and the world no matter what the situation might be. Seeing through all that veils the inherent beauty from our site develops a deeper sense of...

ISmile185 – How the Awakened Move in the World

In tonight's talk, Michael talks about the importance of getting a teacher, a teaching, and a group of spiritual friends. He also goes into how attempts at killing the ego wipes out the potential for Awakening. So then how do we measure our experience against those...

ISmile184 – Herding Oxes

In tonight's talk, Michael offers us his rather unorthodox interpretation of Zen's Ten Oxherding pictures.

ISmile 183- Welcoming Negativity

In tonight's talk, Michael talks about how our everyday mind points us toward Awakening. Putting ourselves into an alert space means that we can't allow ourselves to simply become numb to life. Nor can we indulge our stories or the negativity that arises in our normal...

ISmile182 – No Thing, No One

Falling into our habitual patterns can get in the way of any meaningful practice. In tonight's talk, Michael suggests that we explore these slips since they, like all other situations, offer us awakening. Having the courage to stand in this light of consciousness...

ISmile181 – The Soft Smile

"You want the shortcut?" Michael asks in tonight's talk. "Let go of all things personal and watch all the things that the small self is doing on the stage of mind." This awareness is whole, complete and timeless. Rest there and watch everything change.

ISmile180 – Free of All Stories

"The stories that we've been told, as well as the stories we tell ourselves, can hinder Awakening to the Truth beyond the stories," Michael says in tonight's talk. Opening to a practice that puts us in the middle of what ever stories we might cling to is exactly the...

ISmile179 – Bringing It All Home

"The rarefied air forces us to let go of the stuff we don't need," Michael says in tonight's talk. "Truth beyond name and form shows up as we climb higher up the Mountain of Spirit and turn up the heat on our practice." This is hard work. In the midst of it all, our...

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