What are we doing here? What is this practice and what are we striving for, especially when the teaching tells us not to strive for anything? In this talk Michael points out that we Awaken when we follow these questions to their core. Opening to forgiveness and to the radically simple impulse of the Universe’s evolution, we recognize how living from the delusion of past and future inhibits every chance we might have at opening to Spirit. So we move beyond past and future. In doing this we can see the truth beyond all the mind activity of sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Questions deal with the perception of people taking advantage of us; making decisions without getting caught by the worrisome possibilities in the future; the effects of individual practice on the greater good; the spiritual win-win and how this relates to theorists like Peter Senge and Fred Kofman; and recognizing how much energy it takes to keep delusion going in our lives.

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