In this talk, we discuss how Spirit is that which you’ve never been seperated. It is the aspect of you that never moves, and can never be attained, especially by someone who is seeking It. As a result, our approach to practice needs to be informed by Undoing rather than doing. We discuss meditative states and how they settle into becoming aspects of our being as long as we practice witnessing our experiences meditatively. Once this begins to happen, we come to rest in the Freedom that is our True Nature; something that is beyond the bounds of space and time; beyond the bounds of the constructs of mind. We then have an opportunity to recognize that all things arise into the witnessing awareness, and that nothing is outside of its scope. It’s all One. It is all Infinity. It is all Spirit. And you are Spirit.
Note: Please excuse the sound quality. We’re still working on smoothing out our rough edges.

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