Our normal state is intertwined with addiction to ego. Yet addiction to non-addiction is not the goal. In this talk, Michael deals with the middle way of practice in which we begin to uncover our ability to unfold as Spirit in Action for all beings AS all beings. This means that all things are ultimately “just like me”. From Emptiness all things are simply one and the same. This expression of deep equality in the world of form means that it is at times an appropriate response to participate in conflict, yet only from the “just like me” recognition. So pacifism, in its true spiritual form, in other words, does not mean that we simply give in to injustice in the world. It means that we “do our duty and remember the Lord” as it is said in the Bhagavad Gita. Questions deal with: recognizing self as other, and dealing with the ebb and flow of our awareness of Big Self and small self orientations.

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