“There is only choice,” as Michael has pointed out. Even not choosing is a choice. Even in┬áspontaneous expressions of joy or pain, we choose how we will relate to the ways in which we meet these experiences. When we open to the truth that all things are temporary, our choices begin to take on a different kind of quality; one in which we consciously begin to see that all of our choices either take us into the light of awakening or away from it.

With this in mind, Michael points out the ways in which we cling to the very things that prevent enlightenment. Past and future orientation, for example, in addition to preferences, will always point us in the direction of our attachments. These attachments end up defining the boundaries of our delusion. But the gift of these limitations are that each of them shows us what we need to get past in order to awaken to the Truth that lies beyond name and form.

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