Once we come to terms with the fact that nothing lasts, even the idea of clinging begins to lose its gravitational pull. Cultivating this opening has been taught in several traditions, with Eihei Dogen’s, “Eight Awakenings of Great Beings,” offering Zen students an excellent guide for achieving this goal.

Looking closely at the Eight Awakenings, we see how this process shows us how our desires don’t need to overtake us. We also start to see that we can recognize how much is enough in any situation. We also begin to recognize and appreciate serenity and solitude. Seeing the importance of diligence as we cultivate depth also works in our favor. Mindfulness becomes a key in process as does the practice of meditation. The nourishment of wisdom as we live and refraining from engaging in hollow discussions round out Dogen’s recommendations for how to live the very Freedom we most seek.

Living as a conscious integration of these steps allows for us to embody peace and an awakened perspective.


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