In this evenings talk, Michael walks us through how we can allow for peace and freedom to burst through us. This powerful and natural shine permeates and has the opportunity to be shared among all of us as soon as we stop avoiding our lives and begin a disciplined meditation practice. Once we do we become a conscious expression of something beautiful and magnetic. We start seeing darkness as a beautiful offering for each of us to go deeper and fearlessly meet our lives. This offers us a chance to truly live well.

Our invitation is to explore our seeking and, in the process, begin finding peace. Uncovering the peace we all have at our core releases us from our craving, our addictions, and our compulsions, by helping us to see through them. “It’s not,” as Michael says, “that the craving no longer exists, but our relationship to it changes so radically through committed practice that it’s no longer an affliction. Rather it’s seen as something that arises and ceases, like everything else.” This realization offers a place of love and light where we come home to Oneness and we set ourselves up for the Divine Disaster of awakening.

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