In this evening’s Dharma talk, Michael addresses how beauty, and our sense of it, can be impediments to awakening. “It’s not,” he says, “that there is anything wrong with beauty. In fact, beauty is everywhere, all the time. The problem is that by labeling something as ‘beautiful’ we limit the potential expanse of its power with our definition. We miss the mark, or ‘sin,’ as we attempt to stabilize an experience of awe that feels so intense.”

Michael goes on to discuss the natural expression of letting go as activity that does no harm. Ahimsa, as Buddhists call it,¬†begins to guide the ways we meet our experience, he says, as we begin to evolve into deeper¬†expressions of awakening. He also goes on to explain how the egoic clinging to thoughts, feelings and time can prevent this evolution. Additionally, he maps out the way the mind moves from its primary 5 senses into the 6th sense of mind; following this up with the 7th sense of time, the 8th sense of the hidden observer, then bridging into the 9th sense of the hidden observer’s source.

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