In this Dharma talk, Michael addresses how the ego is more comfortable with its own misery than it is uncovering the mystery of existence. This presents some problems for most of us since we rarely have either the courage or the guidance to move past this kind of psychological or spiritual block. Failing to move past this block offers us no lasting solace. Working through this tendency, however, helps offer clarity of who and what we are as well as a deepening sense of purpose.

The one thing, as Michael says, that the ego truly can’t handle is complete and utter peace. Uncovering a peace that is total would mean that the ego would be out of a job. So in order to maintain its job security, it creates war in various forms. Once we see through this, we recognize that there is an infinite opportunity to take advantage of an infinite¬†array¬†of choices. Choosing well by choosing consciously builds a sense in each of us that there is wholeness present in each of the situations that we face. Not only is peace at hand as this occurs, but peace is revealed to be the source of everything as well as the endpoint of everything.

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