In this video-taped Dharma talk, Michael McAlister discusses how beginning to objectify the experiences of both body and mind will help us to experience life and love more fully. Seeing, for example, that our sensations and perceptions are objects, allows for us to develop a clearer sense of what is sensing and what is perceiving. As this happens, our experience naturally broadens from a personal view of things, into an impersonal opening to the Infinite.

Once this happens we are afforded an opportunity to come back home with an entirely new set of abilities that help us to relate to the world in entirely new ways. Seeing the mountain, so to speak, as something beyond itself and yet full of its own agency is the very realization that allows for us to let love through our experience. But we have to go through all of the steps in order to get to this point. There are no shortcuts or ways of bypassing the heavy lifting of deep practice. Staying focussed and clear about our intention to awaken is key. Paradoxically, it is here, in the midst of all the work, that love, peace and joy reign.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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