Like all things, we have a limited amount of time. Or, as the African proverb says, “Two people shouldn’t argue when their house is on fire”. With this in mind, how should we use our time wisely? In this talk Michael reviews the essential nature of all things: all things are temporary, all things are interdependent, and all things are inherently empty. He then suggests that any authentic spiritual practice will support the recognition of these qualities, and in doing so we develop what he calls “Ultimate Relationships with Time and Mind”. From this place we cultivate appropriate responses to all circumstances, and see that no person, and no thing, can show us what we already know. Questions deal with the difficulty that successful people have in seeing past time and mind; the blathering mind as a reminder that ego will resist losing control, leading to the 3 stages of practice; and ego’s desire to define everything, including the indefinable.

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