So what does it really mean to live in just this very moment? Rumi says that “Past and future veil God from our site”, but how do we cut through this veil as we lead contemporary lives? In this talk, Michael suggests that stilling everything that moves offers us a direct path to an experiential relationship with Spirit. Doing this work is something that only we can do for ourselves, however, since no one can ever do it for us. When we fully and consciously give intention to recognizing how we spend our energy in the past and the future we begin to stop identifying with pain and fear. We begin to see that we are neither “not enough” nor “too much”. This is Freedom. Questions relate to how we burn the veils that Rumi talks about; dealing with emotion as we meditate; the difference between discriminating awareness of our Infinite Self and judgement of the contracted self; and the role of ambition in our practice.

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