The Huffington Post’s, Tara Stiles writes smartly of using basic yogic goodness to enhance our online experiences.

She first asks:

Do you ever feel like freaking out on someone on Facebook, or Twitter?

Have you ever wrote not-so-nice things about someone or someone’s photo or video on any social network site?

Do you find yourself spilling your latest psychological drama in your status updates or on multiple friends’ walls?

Are you a mood-based social networker and with little control over your typing impulses?

Has anyone had to physically tear you away from your iPhone or blackberry when they are trying to have a conversation with you?

Then offers a path:

Ok, now that we’ve all been diagnosed with social networking rage it’s time to do something about it. Let’s get acquainted/reacquainted with the Yamas and Niyamsas, often referred to as the 10 Commandments of Yoga. They are the ethical precepts described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as the first and second of the eight limbs of yoga. So basically we are supposed to pay attention to these before we do any downward dogging or social networking for that matter. Having proper ethics will rid us of stress, addiction, and madness, and also classy up your image.

Bows, Tricycle.

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