Oh no. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is no more? The DSM-V is set to discount the diagnosis in its 2013 release. Narcissists must hate this.

According to the NYT’s Charles Zanor:

Not that they face imminent extinction — it’s a fate much worse than that. They will still be around, but they will be ignored.

The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (due out in 2013, and known as DSM-V) has eliminated five of the 10 personality disorders that are listed in the current edition.

Narcissistic personality disorder is the most well-known of the five, and its absence has caused the most stir in professional circles.

And yet despite the jettisoning of the diagnosis from the DSM-V, we shouldn’t think that this “ailment” isn’t there. In fact, I’d propose that this form of egoic play is one of the prime inhibitors to any type of deep realization. Of course the energies behind any narcissism can be channelled constructively in my experience, but the narcissist needs to be willing to let this process proceed unhindered by their own self-concern.

via Integral Options Cafe: A Fate That Narcissists Will Hate: Being Ignored.

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