While I often refraign from making political matters the centerpiece of a day’s blogging, today I was overcome with the enormity of historical significance. Unfortunately, my wife, child, dog, and I couldn’t be in DC as we would have liked. So we watched on tv, online, via twitter, and in our own hearts and minds.

What I saw was not a dream.

I saw a uniquely American narrative play itself out. I saw America, herself, show up to Obama’s innaugural moment with a certain grace, optimism, and fire. I saw my daughter asleep on my wife as it all unfolded, unaware of history’s weight. I saw the faces. All those faces. I saw tears run down people’s cheeks and saw through the beautifully distorted imagery that my own created in these very eyes. I felt warmth come from the bundled up parents holding their children up to see the prize of our patience and purpose. I felt renewal and gratitude for the chance to live now. I felt hopeful that we as citizens of this country AND this world might be able to open even more fully to what is while wisely and compassionately leaning in to what can be.

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