If you’re finding that the stories you tell yourself are limiting your experience, Leslie Gossett’s piece at Shambhala Sun Space  is worth a read:

“If only I had done this… If only I had the strength to

do… If I could just stop buying into my storyline, then I could really find peace.” This is equally disconnected, and can make us feel alienated and alone. We feel unworthy of another’s care, because we fail to care for ourselves. We just keep waiting for something. The right moment? The right person? The right action?

The point is stop. Be present. We are already here. Already at peace. Already possess an abundance. Connect. I have to realize this over and over again. These are my stories in my mind, so what in the world do they have to do with anyone else? And further, what do they have to do with my true being?

Read on at Shambhala SunSpace » From The Under 35 Project: “Smiling at Strangers”.

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