Here’s an interesting post. Dr. Susan Corso offers some advice that sounds like something that could come from The Secret:

It’s time to BLESS THE ECONOMY, and quit winging and moaning about how bad it all is. Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m not in denial. It’s bad, that’s a fact, but it is not made so much as a smidgeon better by continuing to moan about it.

I agree. Let go of the story of some future doom and stay present with what is, then engage. But she takes her readers into an interesting bit of terrain where the ego usually takes over:

I look at blessing as an investment in our world. What I bless increases. Bless the economy. Withdraw your projections of fear on our world fiscal system. Bless the economy. Stop resisting our resistant elected representatives. Bless the economy.

Again, nice points, all of them… as long as the ego (or the “I”) isn’t doing the blessing. Otherwise we have yet another case of a limited view seeing itself as Absolute.

This may sound odd, but the small self loves to bless things and then think that positive outcomes are somehow correlated to its inherent Divinity. Of course the ego is inherently Divine, just like all other things, but when it clings to this recognition it defiles an otherwise non-egoic offering. Instead of, for example, the non-egoic “Blessing all things,” Dr. Corso seems to recommend that we offer the egoic version of “I bless this” or “I bless that” or, by extension, “I won’t bless that.” The latter version of blessing is divided, and as such can’t help but give rise to an ego that thinks it’s wearing the Robe of Awakening.


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