January 13, 2011 (#57)

Student: If every single thing that arises is the Infinite seeing itself, what does that say about evil acts?

Michael: Evil acts are the embodiment of individual or collective unconsciousness. They vary in degree, but they all are sourced from a fear of loss. And as we’ve discussed, actions sourced from fear generate suffering.

Student: So how do we best fight against evil?

Michael: Rather than fighting against anything, we can best inspire change by bringing more consciousness to the places and situations that need it most. Any lack of grace, or “dis-grace,” has the potential to inspire greater consciousness if we’re up to meeting its demands. The other option is for us to let the disgrace spread. But regardless of a person’s choice, there is not one part of our typical definitions of “good” or “evil” that exist outside of the Infinite.

Student: So evil is simply unconsciousness. And this unconsciousness is an offering to any of us?

Michael: Exactly. Unconsciousness is darkness that offers each of us a chance to let our conscious participation shine light.

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