I wrote about this a while back. Seems relevant for us all:

“Fundamentalism arises when any religious organization, or any person, attaches so intensely to some version of truth that it must be defended. In this space, the ego continually seeks security by playing out its drama of “attack and defend.” This drama offers all sorts of teachers and practitioners an opportunity to commit to various forms of separation where an attitude of “we’re right and they’re wrong” not only rules, but begets more attachment. This space can sow seeds of terrible violence all in the name of the collective egoic version of what it deems sacred.

Fundamentalism, in any of us, destroys that which it seeks to protect. It’s as if a hand, enticed by the elegant simplicity of a flower and wanting to possess its beauty, grasps its bloom and crushes what it wants most. Living from a place of true intimacy, where flowers could be experienced rather than possessed, would mean that ego would have to allow itself out of its own cage of security. Yet to do this the ego must surrender to that which it cannot control.

This Awakened surrender is rare since the ego is always busy seeking control. Even when this opening happens for[…]”

Excerpt From: McAlister, Michael. “Awake in This Life: A Guide for Those Climbing the Mountain of Spirit.” BookSurge Publishing, 2008-05-03T07:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
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