Okay, not quite, but theworsthorse paints an interesting picture of the reasons behind Mel Gibson’s impending split and it has nothing to do with either interesting facial expressions or beard-tugging.

According to the LA Gossip Examiner:

Apparently, Robin Moore [his soon-to-be ex-wife] was becoming very interested in Buddhism, even attending Buddhist temples. Mel Gibson, a staunch Catholic – but definitely not a model one – became very upset with his wife.

Update: Fellow blogger, Danny Fisher, correctly points out that Gibson

…was a co-producer on Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man, the 2005 documentary which detailed (among other things) the famed singer-songwriter’s career and Buddhist practice–he even has a blurb featured prominently in the trailer (see here). So…who knows if there’s anything to this story or not?

Indeed, who knows? Then again, this line of questioning doesn’t diminish the fact that Mel Gibson has publicly expressed some interesting attachments over the years.

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