How might a Buddhist most effectively respond to the many pressing (often scary) issues facing humanity today? It’s not very bodhisattva-like, for example, to merely cloak oneself in “non-attachment” when an “appropriate response” is to be helpful to all beings. So how might one best walk this tightrope? How might a practitioner of today most effectively regard the cries of the world while letting an ancient teaching inspire his or her actions?

Zen teacher, David Loy has some thoughts:

Unless you’re on long retreat in a Himalayan cave, it’s becoming more difficult to overlook the fact that our world is beset by interacting ecological, economic and social crises. Climate breakdown, species extinction, a dysfunctional economic system, corporate domination of government, overpopulation –it’s a critical time in human history, and the collective decisions we have to make during the next few years will set the course of events for generations to come.

via David Loy: The New Bodhisattva Path.

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