Disappointment in Your Spiritual Teachers

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Great post.

I’ve written about this before but it’s always helpful to revisit the issue.

What do we do when our spiritual guides don’t quite measure up to our own expectations of them? Can recognizing their limitations actually help free the wisdom the have to offer us?

Bows, Integral Life.

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  1. Tao

    I was about to post on a similar subject and have before too. When I write I will be saying more that we should not offer ourself as teacher to anyone or have a particular teacher. Teachers can be in so many forms from an overheard snippet of conversation, the way animals interact, or the ways of nature, dribbling rain, anything.

    As I say that we should not depend on one teacher, so neither should we wish others to. If someone followed me I would worry for their sanity(!) and also be concerned as to how a doctrine best portrayed in silence could possibly be transmitted.

    1. Michael McAlister

      You make some good points.
      Although in my experience, having a relationship with several teachers can potentially lead to an interesting series of impediments on the path as well. Not to say that picking one teacher is a must. I didn’t. But I would also say that there came a time when depth mattered more than square-footage. In order for any of us to meet this depth, we must be sure that our small selves don’t ever try to assume the role of the Big Self. Ego’s, in other words, don’t awaken. They get out of the way so that Awakening is expressed fully through us once the giver, receiver, and gift all get out of the way.
      Good teachers expedite this process. Not to take anything away from conversations, animals, and rain, or anything else. It’s all teaching and teacher. But there is no substitute for another person who can compassionately hold our feet to the fire and relentlessly point out where the ego is trying to wear the robe of enlightenment.

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