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The Gift of No Abode

Several years prior to any formal spiritual practice, I was walking through New York City’s East Village one night during a particularly cold March rain. I was a starving artist on my way home from an evening of waiting tables, and I was experiencing great difficulty in my life. I was exhausted and on edge [...]

Encore: Showing Up

This entry comes from the book, Awake in This Life. _____ Only a Buddha with a Buddha realizes enlightenment. —Lotus Sutra All real living is meeting. —Martin Buber When I see that I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I see that I am everything, that is love. And between these two, my life flows. —Nisargadatta [...]

Fall 2010 Retreat ends…

This was an amazing weekend for us. The quiet. The great food. The shuso ceremony. And the rain. All of  it reminded us that shifts, seasonal and otherwise, occur outside as well as within each of us. Allowing for this shift encourages us to live with open minds and open hearts. It is here that [...]

Uh, oh…

Lo and behold… There are two links pointing to the same podcast feed. We’ll soon be using only this one. It’d be great to have those of you who’ve reviewed and offered your gracious comments on the other link to do the same on the newer link. Deep bows. Tweet

Ah, dreamlessness…

I’m always fascinated with this circadian rhythm thing. After evening meditation I sometimes find that the night takes on a decidedly calm spaciousness. The flow from wakefulness into the deepening stages sometimes anchors itself in dreamlessness coupled with awareness. This past night was an example of this, mapped here, on the right. Gotta’ love cool [...]

Just this.

Muir Woods Peaceful day, Peaceful mind. Forest, Sun-flecked pathway and leaves crackling beneath the stroller wheels. The kids stair skyward. Where’s the top of the sky, Dad? Wife reaches for my hand. Just this is enough. Tweet

Living in two worlds…

I’m sitting in Berkeley’s Cafe Strada next to the campus, putting the finishing touches on tonight’s Dharma talk. Oddly, I was considering the many forms of how we resist and desire the lives we are given when one of the nearby tables exploded into heated dialog as to whether resistance is a force for good [...]

Day 2: Integral Theory Conference – Session II

About to hear Roger Walsh talk about Integral Ethics, which differ from regular ethics because they’re more… uh… integral. Tweet