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ISmile341 – No Such Thing as a Mistake

Ultimately, according to Michael’s talk, given at a recent one-day retreat, there are no mistakes. There are, rather, only opportunities that the mind evaluates. If we can short-circuit this addiction to evaluation we can begin to approach the way we meet the world differently. Shifting from a position where life is filled with problematic situations [...]

Quote of the Week

What is troubling us is the tendency to believe that the mind is like a little man within. – Ludwig von Wittgenstein Tweet

That Kind of Silence

In a letter to God, guardian.co.uk‘s Mark Vernon wants to uncover the depth of true Silence. The kind that Thomas Aquinas uncovered on 6th December 1273 when he uttered his final “Ite missa est” (the mass is ended) and then left the altar for good. He [Aquinas] told his friend Reginald that he would not [...]