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ISmile342 – The Qualities of Awakening

In this evening’s talk, Michael describes the benefits of sangha as a shortcut to uncovering our pre-existing enlightened mind. He further goes into the ways that Awakening manifests in each of us as a series of qualities that show up as being at once conscious and, at the same time, spontaneous. In other words, this [...]

How do we best meet avoidance when it doesn’t move

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ISmile334 – Engaging Life As Its Witness

In this talk, Michael walks meditators through the rough stages of spiritual ascendancy. With practice, he shows, the egoic structures as their practice deepens. He goes on to suggest that the felt-sense of what’s real is what we call, “love.” Also, he talks about the spiritual journey, from his own writing, where he suggests that [...]

What happens when we start witnessing the Witness?

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How do we best watch the mind?

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ISmile324 – When Practice Deepens

One of the things that Zen practice leaves out, according to Michael McAlister, is a more direct approach to uncovering the Witness. This simple awareness, is all there ever is, and in this talk, Michael uses a piece by Ken Wilber in order to point out this constant Witness as a way for deepening a [...]

ISmile323 – The Enormity of What You Really Are

When we let ourselves truly recognize what lies beyond our preferences and our attachments, we begin to get a sense of how expansive we really are. This recognition can be an explosive experience that rattles us to our core, scaring us from continuing our practice. In this talk, Michael encourages us to stay the course, [...]

Dialogs With My Teacher #24

Here’s another installment in a series of emails that took place between Michael and one of his senior students beginning the Summer of 2009. May you find the exchange interesting and enriching. ____ August 12, 2010 Student: Do you find yourself working to unlearn stuff on this path and, if so, why? For the sake of clarity? [...]