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A New Bodhisattva Path?

How might a Buddhist most effectively respond to the many pressing (often scary) issues facing humanity today? It’s not very bodhisattva-like, for example, to merely cloak oneself in “non-attachment” when an “appropriate response” is to be helpful to all beings. So how might one best walk this tightrope? How might a practitioner of today most [...]

ISmile332 – Dealing With War

The Zen saying “Drinking this cup of green tea, I stop the war” offers us a chance to explore our own relationship with war. While it may sound passive and irresponsible on the surface, how we meet even the most basic activities internally, supports how we meet things, especially conflict, externally. So how do we [...]

ISmile330 – Love’s Fire

Michael points out, in this talk, how we ┬ámust be willing to let go of our old habits in order to develop new ones. As Joseph Campbell says, “We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has [...]

ISmile312 – Vanity and Other Wars With Reality

When we can accept reality as it is, we can no longer find ourselves to be at war with it. There is nothing to resist, in other words, when we are no longer clinging to any expectation that things should turn out a certain way. When we can rest in this space, we open to [...]

ISmile295 – Reclaiming the Body

As spiritual practitioners we can often misplace our awareness, focussing too heavily on one or another aspect of being. We may overcompensate both intention and awareness in subtle ways, giving too much of our attention, for example, to our thinking or we can go the other way, giving too much attention to what we are [...]

ISmile287 – Getting Out of Love’s Way

In this video-taped Dharma talk, Michael McAlister discusses how beginning to objectify the experiences of both body and mind will help us to experience life and love more fully. Seeing, for example, that our sensations and perceptions are objects, allows for us to develop a clearer sense of what is sensing and what is perceiving. [...]

ISmile286 – Radical Honesty and the Great Matter

In this video-taped Dharma talk, Michael McAlister explains how we can lie lives rooted in deep, or radical, honesty. Once we start to do this we can find that there is no longer a compulsion to either establish or cling to an identity. Once we lose our grip on our identity, or our identity loses [...]

When Peace is an Incomplete Response

I was asked recently after giving a talk on engaged politics, what I thought of peace as a political orientation. What came out of my mouth made me laugh. “I’m pro-peace,” I said. The young man just stared. I then went off a little bit on how an attachment to peace can be viewed in [...]