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How do we best watch the mind?

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Why do this spiritual work, anyway?

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How do answers come out of the spiritual questions asked of you?

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ISmile325 – Video: Comparing Christian and Buddhist Versions of Love

In this video, Michael discusses the idea of love as inspired by Paul’s letter to Corinthians, Chapter 13. He then compares the Christian version of love to a decidedly Buddhist interpretation, drawing on the idea that love can be seen as a simple, felt sense of the Infinite. Michael’s inspiration for this talk came out of [...]

How do you deal with discomfort, personally?

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Where does God fit into Zen practice?

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To what extent should I keep my spiritual guard up?

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Meditation Connected to Happiness

Thought this was an interesting piece from Shambhala SunSpace: Via David Sillito of the BBC comes this report — with more to come — featuring Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard (aka, the “happiest man in the world”) and others, exploring the connection behind mindfulness meditation and science. Tweet