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Buddhism, Drinking and Sex

Allison Yarrow offered up this piece about Lodro Rinzler’s class at the Shambhala Center in NYC. I thought it quite interesting and struck me as so congruent with a great deal of our quasi-Buddhist approaches that we celebrate at Infinite Smile. Rinzler authors a weekly column on Huffington Post and he has a new book, [...]

ISmile312 – Vanity and Other Wars With Reality

When we can accept reality as it is, we can no longer find ourselves to be at war with it. There is nothing to resist, in other words, when we are no longer clinging to any expectation that things should turn out a certain way. When we can rest in this space, we open to [...]

ISmile302 – Living Without Distortion

This podcast features one of Michael’s students, Gina Rocca, who offers an introductory talk prior to a previous sitting. Gina’s beautiful talk is then followed up by one of Michael’s talks as well as Q & A. ___ Michael addresses the enlightened message of several traditions and suggests that they begin to intertwine at some [...]

ISmile295 – Reclaiming the Body

As spiritual practitioners we can often misplace our awareness, focussing too heavily on one or another aspect of being. We may overcompensate both intention and awareness in subtle ways, giving too much of our attention, for example, to our thinking or we can go the other way, giving too much attention to what we are [...]