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ISmile340 – The Componentry of Awakening

The most contagious thing this flu season is not a viral infection. Rather, the most contagious thing in any season is unconsciousness. Unfortunately, vaccines for unconsciousness are hard to come by. However, consciousness itself is in infinite supply. Tapping into this helps all of us inspire helpfulness and generosity, two critical components of any authentic [...]

ISmile335 – Living Dangerously

If we’re willing to follow our fear and our negativity with our whole being, according to Michael, we are offered an opportunity to awaken. The loosening of our individual consciousness into a universal awareness is the byproduct of an authentic meditation practice that helps us face these fears and negativity with grace. Watching the bondage [...]

Dialogs With My Teacher #57

January 13, 2011 (#57) Student: If every single thing that arises is the Infinite seeing itself, what does that say about evil acts? Michael: Evil acts are the embodiment of individual or collective unconsciousness. They vary in degree, but they all are sourced from a fear of loss. And as we’ve discussed, actions sourced from [...]

What Brutality Offers Us

I was enjoying a college basketball game on the tube yesterday when a news-ticker appeared across the base of the screen. It said something like “Several Killed in Mass Shooting in Tuscon” only to be followed up with “Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords among those shot.”  In addition to an arising sadness, my political wonkiness immediately got [...]

Politics and Dharma

I’m frequently asked how we can integrate the Dharma into something as “sticky” as the news, in general, and politics, specifically. On the one hand, non-attachment to what’s going on in the world is not so easy since the preferences that the news and politics tweeks tend be deep. They are all about the mind’s [...]

ISmile233 – Merging Intention With Surrender

“Ask yourself: Is my spiritual practice about making me look better, or is it about transformation.”


It has not deserted its creation for a place apart; it is always present to those with strength to touch it. —Plotinus In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few. —Shunryu Suzuki Although living a life sourced from a sense of separation consistently leads to suffering, separation [...]