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The “You’re Not Special” Commencement

What? I’m not special? This, from the Washington Post, is an excerpt of Wellesly High School’s most recent commencement address, delivered by David McCullough, Jr. (yes… it’s that David McCullough’s son). The whole speech, in context, is worth a read.   “Walt Whitman tells me I’m my own version of perfection! Epictetus tells me I have [...]

Brooklyn Students Learn to Notice Their Emotions

Great New York Times piece on teaching meditation to high schoolers… Students in trouble are given the choice of traditional punishments or participating in the meditation program, where Mr. Snyder will teach them how to meditate, understand volatile emotions and curb impulsive behavior. He intends to take the program to other schools as well. via [...]

10 Pieces of Advice to My 18 year-old Self

Recently I was asked what I might say to myself as a teen, assuming I could travel back in time. The knee-jerk response was “Don’t worry about anything, just touch lives.” While I like this response, I also must admit that I kept thinking about the question. And thought about it some more. Then, in [...]

Will the Youth Change Buddhism?

Over at Dharma Folk, kudos makes an interesting series of points about the decline of faith among the world’s youth: In this generation, the youth communicate through text messages, Facebook wall posts, and AIM instant messages. They express themselves through emoticons and profiles, identify themselves with online communities and Facebook groups, and voice concerns through [...]