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The Recipe for Enlightenment

One of my more senior students recently commented, “You pretty much just point out the shortcuts on the path, don’t you.” On my best days, yes. It’s what we teachers do. We try to point students in the right direction; one that will help them let go of even more. At least that’s the idea. [...]

Podcast Alert: ISmile259 – Stillness

In this talk, Michael offers insights on the necessity of cultivating stillness as a way into the heart of awakening. This is part of his PASSAGE series. via ISmile259 – Stillness | Infinite Smile. Tweet

ISmile258 – Surrender

“Genuine love, in the spiritual sense, only arises when its inspired by conscious surrender.”

ISmile252 – The PASSAGE

“Let go, then participate. This is the teaching. This is a dance with the Infinite.”

ISmile233 – Merging Intention With Surrender

“Ask yourself: Is my spiritual practice about making me look better, or is it about transformation.”

Growing Up Chopra

Last month, Gotham Chopra gave this fascinating account of growing up with Deepak as his father. Not a day goes by that someone I encounter doesn’t stop and ask me – “wait, your dad is DEEPAK CHOPRA?! Oh my God, what was it like to grow up with him as a father?!” Bows, Iggy Thoughts. [...]

Redux: Nothing Personal

As we come off the Mountain of Spirit, we recognize how little about us needs to be defended. This is because we have begun to build lives out of our realization of Emptiness. This Emptiness is the Source of everything. This Source, once again, is totally still and gives birth to all that moves. It [...]


Choosing to become intimate with Awareness requires a constancy of both attention and intention. Neither the attention, nor the intention, is a fixed entity, and yet they can easily become attachments if we aren’t careful. On the other hand, if we don’t get hooked by them, they can be seen as manifestations of surrender supported [...]