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How do we get out of a meditation rut?

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ISmile334 – Engaging Life As Its Witness

In this talk, Michael walks meditators through the rough stages of spiritual ascendancy. With practice, he shows, the egoic structures as their practice deepens. He goes on to suggest that the felt-sense of what’s real is what we call, “love.” Also, he talks about the spiritual journey, from his own writing, where he suggests that [...]

What do we do when our practice plateaus?

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ISmile290 – From Our Misery to the Mystery

In this Dharma talk, Michael addresses how the ego is more comfortable with its own misery than it is uncovering the mystery of existence. This presents some problems for most of us since we rarely have either the courage or the guidance to move past this kind of psychological or spiritual block. Failing to move [...]

Video: Ken Wilber on States and Stages

Recognizing the territory on this map is key to our journey. Confusing the map with the territory itself, to borrow the phrase, traps us in mind all over again. Tweet