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ISmile295 – Reclaiming the Body

As spiritual practitioners we can often misplace our awareness, focussing too heavily on one or another aspect of being. We may overcompensate both intention and awareness in subtle ways, giving too much of our attention, for example, to our thinking or we can go the other way, giving too much attention to what we are [...]

Genpo Merzel Disrobes

Dennis “Genpo” Merzel has had more than a few rumors swirling around him recently. His response, appropriately, has been to leave the robes and his official status as a Soto Zen lineage holder behind. Here’s what he had to say about his situation: Owning my Responsibility A Personal Statement from Genpo Merzel I have chosen to [...]

ISmile283 – Buddhism’s Eight Winds Fanning the Fire of Resolve

In this Dharma talk, Michael McAlister offers his take on the “fire” needed to keep our spiritual life moving towards deeper and deeper levels of maturity. He suggests that these lives that we’re leading are complete as they are and provide us with all the necessary tools needed to live the experiment that leads us [...]

The Smile

If humor is totally absent from this practice, then what’s any of this worth? —Question from a renegade Zen student Okay… who took my robe? —Question from the same Zen student some days later After engaging in a spiritual practice with some degree of diligence, it is easy to lose sight of the humor that [...]