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Genpo Merzel Disrobes

Dennis “Genpo” Merzel has had more than a few rumors swirling around him recently. His response, appropriately, has been to leave the robes and his official status as a Soto Zen lineage holder behind. Here’s what he had to say about his situation: Owning my Responsibility A Personal Statement from Genpo Merzel I have chosen to [...]

ISmile279 – Vid: How to Block Your Progress on the Spiritual Path

There are several things, according to Michael McAlister, that can get in the way of realization as we deepen our spiritual practice. Among the issues, sleepiness, insomnia, arrogance, fear, doubt, attachment, pain, restlessness, boredom, and avoidance. Getting caught by any of these experiences works against the potential of opening to a life sourced from an [...]

Meditation, eh?

Douglas Todd, of the Vancouver Sun writes about an important aspect of meditation: it can mask what needs to be exposed. A recent Vancouver Sun poll conducted by the Mustel Group found one out of three British Columbians, roughly 1.4 million people, have practised meditation. That doesn’t include many more who practise prayer in a [...]

Chapter 7 — Clarity

Do not divert your love from visible things. But go on loving what is good, simple and ordinary; animals and things and flowers and keep the balance true. —Rainer Maria Rilke In the heaven which receives most of His light have I been; and have seen things which whoso descends from there has neither knowledge [...]