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The Buddha Between the Sheets

Interesting piece from Darren Littlejohn: Many people still see Buddhists only as robe-wearing monastics who have given up worldly things like sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. But there are different kinds of Buddhists. Some are celibate renunciates like the Dalai Lama. When asked on a recent TV interview if he ever thought about women, [...]

When spiritual practice deepens, do heart and mind open the same way?

Commuter Zen #89 Tweet

Buddhism, Drinking and Sex

Allison Yarrow offered up this piece about Lodro Rinzler’s class at the Shambhala Center in NYC. I thought it quite interesting and struck me as so congruent with a great deal of our quasi-Buddhist approaches that we celebrate at Infinite Smile. Rinzler authors a weekly column on Huffington Post and he has a new book, [...]

On Awakened Dating

In the past few weeks, there have been several of our sangha members, both virtual and local, young and (dare I say) more mature, who’ve asked me about their deep longing for partnership. Questions surrounding how they might find true intimacy, and then how to ground relationships spiritually, have dominated our discussions. This is not [...]

Why Buddhism Makes Sex Hotter

Sex educator, Violet Blue, interviews author, punk rock bassist, film-maker and Zen rebel, Brad Warner about… you guessed it, the interconnection of sex and Buddhism. Violet Blue: What’s the basic philosophy about sex from a Zen perspective? Brad Warner: There’s no specific philosophy as such. When you enter the Buddhist order either as a layperson [...]

Sex and Zen… in 3D?

Wow. I know what you’re thinking: this is all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. Shooting on the Chinese-language film 3D Sex And Zen, budgeted at 4 million US dollars, is scheduled for April with producers promising some of the most realistic close-up sex scenes ever. Yeah, so be careful. “Just imagine that [...]

Real love vs. Egoic negotiation

Over at Wildmind, Sunada talks of her interpretation of attachment in relation to love: let’s clarify what the Buddha said about sexual relationships. He said that a man and a woman in a loving, supportive relationship are like a pairing of a god and a goddess. Hardly sounds like disapproval, does it? It turns out [...]

Awareness and Having Sex With Groupies

Stuart Davis courageously (and hilariously) takes on the implications of our sexuality, ahem, co-arising with desire and identity: A little awareness goes a long way… toward ruining everything. I used to bang groupies. It was fun. I became a little more aware, and BAM, now I can’t even enjoy an internet Bukakke sight without my [...]