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The “You’re Not Special” Commencement

What? I’m not special? This, from the Washington Post, is an excerpt of Wellesly High School’s most recent commencement address, delivered by David McCullough, Jr. (yes… it’s that David McCullough’s son). The whole speech, in context, is worth a read.   “Walt Whitman tells me I’m my own version of perfection! Epictetus tells me I have [...]

ISmile326 – How To Let Go

In this evening’s talk, Michael looks at the three components to truly letting go. He first begins with the aspiration for awakening. Secondly, he points to the appreciation of what we have been given in this life. Thirdly, he points to the need for there to be a resolve when it comes to practice itself. [...]

ISmile244 – When Realization Matters More Than Self-esteem

Click on the player below, in order to listen to Michael’s talk. Get the most recent iTunes software and subscribe to this podcast from the Buddhist and/or Philosophy sections of the Religion & Spirituality list. ____ What happens when our self-esteem is recognized as far less important than our realization? In this talk, Michael talks [...]

Once again: The Self-Esteem Trap

In a previous post, I wrote of the dangers of “small self esteem”. Now Shambala Sun Space’s Andrea Miller blogs about her upcoming article: Gen Me as a whole is caught in what she calls the self-esteem trap and it’s the way we’ve been raised that made us so. The March issue of Shambhala Sun [...]