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ISmile331 – Healing Ourselves, Healing the World

“This deep, spiritual work,” according to Michael, “is ultimately, is about resolve.” In Stephen Batchelor’s, Buddhism Without Beliefs, this idea of committed, fearlessness is supported where he suggests that we continually take accurate stock of our lives and then live from this place of honesty with resolve. While these suggestions are simple, they are not necessarily [...]

Encore: ISmile100 – Working With Pain

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Quote of the Week

When grapes turn to wine, the long for our ability to change.   When stars wheel  around the North Pole, they are longing for our growing consciousness.   Wine got drunk with us, not the other way.   The body developed out of us, not we from it.   We are bees, and our body [...]

Encore: ISmile93 – Love

This talk was originally aired in December of 2005. ___ What about love? In this talk Michael suggests that Big Love has nothing to do with our understanding and craving of that rush that small love brings. In fact, he uses the words of Rumi to point out how what is really necessary for Big [...]

ISmile297 – The Shadow and the Light

Rumi says, “When the water gets caught in habitual whirlpools, dig a way out through the bottom to the ocean.” How many habitual behaviors and thought patterns diminish our experience? Looking carefully at the answer to this question helps us uncover what blocks our awakening. Really digging our way out, however, begins to show rewards [...]

ISmile296 – Awakening to Deeper Love

For the ego, misery is a far better choice than the Mystery, especially when it comes to relationships. Centering our entire being in the heart of our experience as a Witnessing awareness helps change this orientation and has the potential to end the cycle of our suffering. How’s it done? The minute our lives are [...]

Quote of the Day

Our task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within ourself that we have built against it. ~ Rumi Tweet

“Grapes want to turn into wine.” – Rumi

"Grapes want to turn into wine." – Rumi Originally uploaded by Michael G. McAlister Tweet