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ISmile274 – Why Am I Here?

In this Dharma talk, Michael addresses what it means to question our motives for participating in a practice with a teaching, teacher and group of spiritual friends. From here an alchemy begins to unfold where the lead of one’s day-to-day can reveal itself as spiritual gold. ___ Click on the player below, in order to [...]

ISmile272 – Vid: The Gift of Negativity

In this video of a recent Dharma talk, Michael discusses how welcoming negativity and exploring its roots helps each of us uncover the spaciousness that is beyond all things. ___ Click on the player below, in order to listen to Michael’s talk. Also, please subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. Tweet

Attachment Alert: Pastor preaches his hatred for Obama

CNN’s Rick Sanchez plays portions of a sermon given by Pastor Steven Anderson from a Tempe, AZ, church, given the day before President Obama arrived for a town hall meeting. What’s the appropriate response to this? Tweet

Dalai Lama's Successor Dilemma… take a vote.

So very interesting… The People’s Daily Online reports: According to an interview with People’s Daily Online, professor Shen Weirong, director of the Research Center on Han-Tibetan Buddhism at Renmin University of China, and expert on Tibet, said that the Dalai Lama’s wishes to select his successor through “democratic election,” but this procedure neither accords with [...]

Growing Up Chopra

Last month, Gotham Chopra gave this fascinating account of growing up with Deepak as his father. Not a day goes by that someone I encounter doesn’t stop and ask me – “wait, your dad is DEEPAK CHOPRA?! Oh my God, what was it like to grow up with him as a father?!” Bows, Iggy Thoughts. [...]

Redux: Nothing Personal

As we come off the Mountain of Spirit, we recognize how little about us needs to be defended. This is because we have begun to build lives out of our realization of Emptiness. This Emptiness is the Source of everything. This Source, once again, is totally still and gives birth to all that moves. It [...]

Bernie Madoff's malfunctioning mirror neurons

Salon offers up an interesting article this morning questioning the way Madoff’s mind works. I suspect we all wonder what, if anything, Madoff feels when directly confronted by those he has utterly destroyed. He cooked the books and perpetually lied to his investors. He pulled off the ongoing deception with an utter insensitivity to others. [...]


So often it’s suggested that fundamentalists are at the root of the majority of the problems facing both this country and the world. I couldn’t agree more. Except that those making this suggestion can obviously be guilty of the same unconsciousness they see in others. An author I know makes this case in his new [...]