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ISmile340 – Like Your Own Eyes

In this mashup of two talks, Michael uses the phrase from Dogen Zenji’s instructions to the cook, where he suggests that each grain of rice be handled carefully, “as if it were your own eyes.” Treating our lives this way helps us awaken to the truth that any Tathagatha, or person who actually sees reality, [...]

Dialogs With My Teacher #40

Here’s another installment in a series of emails that took place between Michael and one of his senior students beginning the Summer of 2009. May you find the exchange interesting and enriching. ___ October 13, 2010 (#40)   Student: Okay, so what does it really mean to not know? Michael: It really means that one is really [...]

ISmile209 – Living Unopposed

“When we live from a place of non-opposition, we have more tools with which to build lives of meaning.”

Deepak Chopra: Why the Paranormal is Normal – On Faith at washingtonpost.com

I think Deepak Chopra offers some interesting observations in this article: Until the official picture changes, astrology is bogus, astronomy is legitimate. Ghosts are bogus, apparitions of the Virgin Mary are — well, that’s the rub. Religious people are allowed to cling to a different model of reality, tolerated by the official gatekeepers but not [...]

ISmile103 – Enlightened By All Things

Click here or on the title in order to listen to Michael’s talk. To subscribe to this podcast, paste this address directly into a podcast aggregator. This will automatically download new discussions on a regular basis. The easiest option is to download the new iTunes software and subscribe to this podcast from the Buddhist and/or [...]

ISmile48 – What’s Happening In This Very Awareness?

In this dialog, Michael McAlister delves into our simple and always immediate choice: do we stay in our familiar state of habitual contraction, or do we allow for a resonant expanse to lead us directly into the heart of an immediate Awareness. His students then take the dialog into issues involving the difference between “knowing” [...]