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ISmile329 – At Peace With Death

It’s about meeting every experience without avoidance or greed. In this radical honesty fearlessness will always reign.

ISmile326 – How To Let Go

In this evening’s talk, Michael looks at the three components to truly letting go. He first begins with the aspiration for awakening. Secondly, he points to the appreciation of what we have been given in this life. Thirdly, he points to the need for there to be a resolve when it comes to practice itself. [...]

On cellphones, space and the present moment…

Commuter Zen #53 Tweet

Encore Post – The Pain Cycle

This post was originally offered in May of 2008 as part of the book, Awake in This Life. ___ Whenever relationships are discussed in the context of spiritual practice, most of the questions concern unhealthy attachment. Whether we are conscious of it or not, dysfunction continually offers the ego a place to hide. For example, [...]

ISmile276 – The Body, The Breath and Space

In this evening’s Dharma talk, Michael presents his view on how the attention paid to the body and the breath offers us a path to an expanse beyond words. It is here we receive an invitation to the truth beyond name and form. The Holy, in other words, reveals itself in the mundane at this [...]

ISmile274 – Why Am I Here?

In this Dharma talk, Michael addresses what it means to question our motives for participating in a practice with a teaching, teacher and group of spiritual friends. From here an alchemy begins to unfold where the lead of one’s day-to-day can reveal itself as spiritual gold. ___ Click on the player below, in order to [...]

ISmile256 – Presence

“This issue of presence goes way beyond charisma or shakti. Presence is deeper than this magnetism, and yet this is a byproduct of being fully there; fully here.”

ISmile252 – The PASSAGE

“Let go, then participate. This is the teaching. This is a dance with the Infinite.”